Daddy Daddy Daddy

It is amazing what we learn from our children, and how the Lord can use the simplicity of Children to speak to our hearts.  I was in the Philippines where when I’m taking time off work I live, alongside my Filipina wife Bing and two kids Jerome and Hannah-Pauline.

I was out watching and taking pictures of all the Catholic Easter Festivities here in our Barangay (village/suburb) and when done I returned home my daughter Hannah comes running out of the house ” Daddy, Daddy, Daddy” and comes open arms, quickly giving me a hug and just holding me. Despite it only being a short time away from her, she missed her father and was excited to see me again.

I got to thinking about this and about how our relationship with Christ should be just like this.  Everyday in prayer we ought to be going to him a like a childlike faith and attitude and  Someday, we will be going to be with our Lord.  I hope to be running into my father God’s arms saying”Daddy, Daddy Daddy” and giving Him a big hug and just holding Him tight as we are finally home, and we missed our daddy



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