kids they grow up so fast

It seemed like only yesterday when Bing and I went to the hospital and Bing had Hannah Pauline Belcher. It was very special to both of us because it appeared that we were unable to have chreceived_1144753675613205ildren.We had been trying to have a child for over a year and had not been successful. So When She at a Bible study just prior to giving her devotional announced to everyone that she was pregnant and then presented to me a pregnancy test strip that was really big news. Hannah was our miracle baby. Hannah is my first child (Jerome is a stepson but I love him as my own) and will likely short of another miracle be our last. But God has blessed us, and we are both grateful for the kids even if my level of patience is not necessarily and always were it ought to be. I can’t speak for Bing but I find that for myself I learn lots of life lessons through my children and through that am developing character. Hannah has so many characteristics and features from me it is entertaining to watch. I am constantly seeing things in her that are so much like me including her tendencies in things to be a perfectionist like me. Jerome is coming more and more out of his shell and developing his character. As he is discovering the things he enjoys doing and is good at, we find ourselves constantly giving direction and guidance so as to keep him from pitfalls and avoid things that and people that will pull him away in his relationship with the Lord. It is a fine line that has to be walked I find.  All in all, It is a blessing to see them all growing up so fast but also a responsibility that I’m finding that we have to take seriously so that they grow up, follow and serve the Lord all the days of their lives.  All prayers are appreciated and certainly, anyone that is experienced we trust that you will share with us here your experiences and ho you dealt with everything that goes part and parcel with parenting.


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