TOYS, TOYS AND MORE TOYS. Toys are constantly being left on the floor despite mt repeated caTOYS1lls for her to pick up her toys. There is, in fact, nothing worse than walking on the floor to go to the CR (what we call the bathroom in Canada, and you step on a sharp toy. that urge comes upon you to scream out and say something one would regret saying but yelling out in extreme pain will have to suffice. ” I  know she is only 3 years old but could she not learn to put her toys away when she’s done with them.” I think to myself. I brew in my thoughts thinking about all the reasons and arguments why she should be cleaning up after herself at her age.  Then as if I had some mind blowing awakening I look to see all my computer, cell phone and other gadgets besides and on couches  tables and the like only to realize that I’m like the man in Matthew that Jesus was talking about in that I had a beam in my eye while trying to get splinter out of my daughter’s eye. In humbleness, I realized that I wasn’t being, and still am on occasion, not a real good role model. And though my wife has not ever said anything to me It likely isn’t pleasing her much either. As a father and husband, I am learning that I really have to watch what I say, because they pick up on not JUST what I say but what I do. It’s a full-time job with life-long consequences. share with me your experiences and how you dealt with this if you are a parent.


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