WIN_20170422_03_28_12_ProMy Daughter Hannah is three years old and Bing and I love her to death. She is such a character. She is cute and she knows it. She has over the last year, been told by so many people, that she is pretty and cute and they make comments and get her to pose for pictures as though she were a model. We then are having to take some countermeasure to remind them and her that beauty is all fine and good,  but it doesn’t last and we are trying to instill values in her like godly Christian character that are so much more important than inward beauty.

I have to admit however she is talented. She is so animated with her voice, her hand gestures and body language that we cannot help but laugh (though most of the time we try and do it without her seeing we are laughing at her.) She is just a riot. SWhat I haven’t mentioned, however, is that even at 3 her language has really not developed as it should for a 3-year-old. She does these long animated stories, or is complaining to us about Jerome, or is trying to get us to understand something she says with long animated and often hilarious speeches.   She will also go into these animated long stories that she tries to relate to us;  though most of it is just babble

Well, today was no exception.  We had a bad thunderstorm with heavier rains, thunder, lightning, and as is normal here the streets and the yards flood for a bit and leave pools of water. Because we often lose both power and water often with thunderstorms, I put out some buckets to catch rain water. Well after the storm she and I were out on the front step and she started aggressively trying to convey to me what I could only assume has something to do with emptying the buckets or cleaning up the yard. I told her not to worry about it and to let mommy worry about it. I had told her that she is not to tell daddy what to do, and reiterated again that she didn’t have to worry about it, that we would take care of it. She just continued to go on with this comedic animated (but not angry) rant. If it wasn’t so hilariously funny I would have been perhaps a little more upset with her. I at one point, however, had to walk away from her because I was starting to laugh so hard. It wasn’t jus a snicker or a mild laugh but an all-out gut wrenching laugh and I didn’t want her to see me laughing at her.

It was a little while later while I was resting in the early evening, that It occurred to me.  Aren’t we sometimes like that ourselves with God? We Get all worked up and animated trying to tell God our problems or what we want. God is saying to us ” Hey I’ve got it covered, everything is worked out just let me handle it” and yet we go on and on with our rant despite God reassuring us again that he has everything under control, and that we only need to trust him and let Him deal with the problems or needs. Other times we babble on and on talking incessantly without even listening to the reply that God has for us. Sometimes we need to stop all the drama and put it before the Lord God and then leave it for him. Really, there are only two options: 1. We can take it back, animate it, get all emotional, and make the problem so much bigger than it really is, or 2.we leave it at his feet and give all the worry and stress to Him. It’s amazing some of the lessons that children can teach us even if much of it is in “Babbel” and outrageous comedic antics. Blessings



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