Clothes Lines and Common Sense

1950s-photo-clotheslines-LA-TimesI was walking along the side of the house while sweeping all the leaves in the front yard with my son Jerome, when my neck found one of the very low hanging clothes lines my wife uses to hang clothes.  This is not a pleasant feeling. No not in the least. It might be a thin clothes line but it felt as though a huge tree trunk was being smashed into my neck while being choked at the same time. Just the wake-up one needs at 830 in the morning.

So I do what most any man would do;: I yell out in pain and frustration ” I really don’t know why Bing you have to have the clothes lines so low!” (of course, I really do. She is only a hair over 5 foot, and couldn’t reach the line otherwise. I love her to death but am always being garroted by them clothes lines.  they just do not like us taller Canadians.

What I wasn’t aware of was that both my kids were watching. Jerome was in the yard by the not so roaring fire of burning mango, and avocado tree leaves. Hannah was by the front door steps playing with a mountain of toys. Without hesitation, in her comical fashion, she with full animated arms and voice, gets my attention and shows me this throw pillow, with some figure on the front of it. She is saying No daddy no and making huge chopping motions into the neck of the figure on the pillow and she is repeating this over and over. As if that wasn’t enough to make me understand, (You know because us Daddy’s can be a little dense sometimes) she is then putting the pillow up to her neck and making the same chopping motions again at her neck showing that the pillow will protect me from getting hurt. Oh, the common sense of kids.

It reminds me of how we have God’s Word loaded; packed full of instructions and wisdom about how to avoid the pitfalls of life and make good and wise, godly decisions on how we should live, talk and be. Of course, If we don’t use it then we are walking into a clothesline without a pillow and we will get hurt. Just something to think about.


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