“Maize, Maize”

“Maize, Maize” the vendor 1-1221129588D7gWcalls out as he bikes along our road in his sleek portable canteen bike, “Maize, Maize,” the call rings out for to hear; a call out to all who are willing to take his offer of that yummy corn on the cob. No sooner does my daughter Hannah Pauline here this and she is running to mom and dad all out of breath and excited to announthce that the maize vendor is outside and through broken English makes it extremely clear that she wants corn.  To say she loves corn is an understatement of the year. I remember a time when my wife has bought 4 cobs of corn, one for each of us.  I, however, was not hungry and did not feel like eating my corn. Hannah was right there after her first one to start on my corncob.

I was thinking about this and how quick she was to hear the voice and respond to the corn vendor. How are we at hearing and responding to the voice of God. Are we listening for the voice of God? Do we know his voice? Do we respond when he is calling? What is our response? Are we slow to respond or are we rushing out eager and excited to respond and take advantage of his bounty? Let’s today set out to be a people that are listening intently to the voice of God and are eager willing and excited to respond to his calling today regardless of what it may be.

Dear Lord, May I always be attentive to your voice and be eager, willing and excited to respond to your call regardless of what it may be about. Amen


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