“Daddy NO! DADDY NO !!!! “

“Daddy No! Daddy No!” is the new favorite phrase of our 3 yr old daughter Hannah. “Hacropped-dsc_001151.jpgnnah it’s time to get up” Daddy No!” HAnnah you need to sit up at the table it’s breakfast time” “Daddy No!'” Hannah you need to put the cell phone away we don’t have cell phones at the table” you guessed it “Daddy No!” in succession comes another phrase she is just learning  from Jerome “Daddy wait”.

When I was growing up you didn’t say No to your parents, you don’t tell them to wait, and you didn’t talk back, get sarcastic, raise your voice, or do or say anything that was disrespectful. I was not in the generation where they took us out to the woodshed to use a switch on us, but certainly we got spankings. Wooden spoons, spatulas, hands, were the common tools used and we learned really fast. If it was something that was serious it was the leather belt to our buttocks.

As a Dad, I try, really try to keep the kids under control, respectful and God-fearing and yes, I spank my kids when they need it. I was better off for for it, It didn’t kill me, but it taught me that there are consequences to our actions, and our words, just as there are in life. Sure it is hard to spank your child and yes one needs to get emotions in check and not do it in anger. But my intentions are good, in that I desire that my children are not only good, kind and respectful, but are obedient, and that they fear and obey God.

As is often the case with things that I observe with my children, I often see an application for me. I find it is so easy to say God No. Daddy No, Daddy wait. I am doing this at the moment, I cant pay attention to you right now, I am too busy to do my devotions now, Daddy I can’t go out and spend time with someone, minister to them and meet their needs, Im too busy now, and the one that really gets me No Daddy, Im too busy with ministry now I don’t have time to spend talking and building bonds and doing things with my family. IM DOING MINISTRY! Of course the funny thing about that is our families are our ministries first and foremost. Without our families, We can not show other families what a strong family is. Without a strong marriage, we cant help others who are hurting or struggling with their marriage. God intends to use us, but he uses us as a family, not just as an individual. As fathers we have an obligation to see what it is that the Heavenly Father is trying to do and follow his lead. When we say “Daddy No!” we are saying that we hold our opinions higher than his, and lovingly the father says ” No I am your Father and know what’s best for you. I will discipline you so that you learn to follow and obey me and become more like myself. Something to think about and consider. pb





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