About CMI Ministries

LARGE CMI LOGO2.jpgWelcome to Comec Ministries International

Comec Ministries International is an unregistered non-denominational, conservative Christian non-profit ministry. We have three main aims.

1. Reaching out to those without Christ with the unadulterated gospel message of Jesus Christ

It is vital that people have the opportunity to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ so that they have hope, forgiveness of sins, reconciled to God, and will have eternal life with their maker Jesus Christ.
Unfortunately, there are many false and/or distorted gospels being presented these days such as “health and wealth gospels” which focus on “getting all that one can get because God wants you rich” (as though God were some cosmic vending machine) and avoid the basics teachings such as the fall of mankind, mankind is enslaved to sin, the inability of mankind to save himself, the need of a savior who  is perfect pure and yet understand and relate to mankind (ie. fully God and fully man) Christ’s death and Ressurection, atonement for sin, righteousness, holiness, , heaven, hell, taking up your cross and following him, baptism, living for Christ and serving Christ until that day we go to be with him. This is why we use the term  “unadulterated” Gospel message of Jesus Christ.

Some of the ways this is accomplished:

  • One-on One Evangelism or small group evangelism where I am stimulating discussions and creating opportunities to share the gospel message and the love of God
  • Through Webpages and Blog Postings
  • Online in various forums where I Interact with Individuals and groups on facebook, yahoo groups and elsewhere.
  • lifestyle evangelism
  • friendship evangelism

2. To reach out to the poor,  destitute, the hurting and so many others that are in need. 

There are millions of people throughout the world that do not have even the basics such as clean water, food, shelter, or safety.  Many others go through life and may even have some work but struggle to even get by and support their families and give them the basics. Though we are far from rich we aim to help out where we are able. Furthermore, there are many hundreds of millions more that have Physical and Mental Handicaps, those that suffer from mental Illnesses, many that are poor, destitute, hurting emotionally, those that are in need of advocacy, encouragement, friendship and love. While this is a very broad group of people, we as a ministry have a very wide range of people that we aim to minister to in whatever way we can and show them al the love of God. We are a small ministry with a big vision.

A few ways that this is accomplished

  • F.E.E.D. Program (feed, Encourage, Empathize, Direct  ( Is a street ministry program run in Canada)
  • U.R.G.E.N.T. Program (Urgent Responsible Giving for Extreme  Need or Trouble. Sending financial and other aid to those determined to be in extreme need or trouble.
  • C.A.L.L.E.D. PROGRAM (Challenge, Aid, Lead to Christ, Lead by Example, Equip, Disciple,)  Working with individuals and couples with Physical, Mental disabilities, with mental illnesses ETC.
  • Meet and minister to those overseas in need particular in areas  like slums

3. To find ways to support Pastors in their ministry and their spiritual walk, and to encourage teach, equip, challenge, disciple, followers of Jesus Christ in the areas of Outreach, Missions, Evangelism, Discipleship and in Christian Living.

There are many unspoken as well as spoken needs that pastors Christian lay leaders and others have in ministry and otherwise and unfortunately there are many that figure that because they are in leadership they really don’t have a need for help. Our Ministry finds that there are many, especially those in third world countries that are in need of encouragement, prayer, a listening ear, help to try to network to find financial and other assistance, assistance with promotions, and getting the Word out as to what exactly they do and why they need assistance. There are also those that unfortunately fall prey to some of the false teachings and/or teachers out there and need some exhortation and challenge as to why the scripture states that this is unbiblical teachings. there are so many areas of need and though we don’t make promises we do what we can as a small ministry to meet the needs where we can. We do much of our ministry work online but there is much that we do in person as well.

Here is a list of some (not all) of the things that fall under this category

  • speaking in churches
  • encouraging, praying with equipping and supporting pastors and others in ministry Online and in person
  • Encouraging, equipping, challenging, teaching, discipling Followers of Jesus Christ both online and in person
  • Challenging unbelievers and those that have fallen away from Christ in their worldviews challenging them to take a fresh look at the evidence for Christ and their need for Him.
  • children’s programs
  • Teaching specifically about false teachings and teachers in blogs and why the teachings are wrong

 CMI was Established by Paul Belcher in 1991 and now operates in many places throughout Asia, Africa, and North America. Besides operating Out of Canada and the Philippines where he and his family lives, there are also offices in both Uganda and In India. for further information please refer to the CMI facebook page “Comec Ministries International” or email us at comecministriesinternational@gmail.com