New York City. Homeless man.WHAT’S THAT? …YOU SAY THAT YOUR HOMELESS… I’LL PRAY FOR YOU THAT GOD WILL PROVIDE HOUSING FOR YOU” Oh the empty word! Oh the Hypocrisy we show! We will often make comments like this without even thinking about what we are saying. We are quick to appease and tell “white lies”,BUT we seldom keep our promises to be in prayer for that person. Where is the concern? Where is the love? Where is the compassion? Do we even try to ask further questions to find out the extent of the problem? Do we look to see if there are things that we can do to help? Are we willing to spend time with them really getting to know them and their needs. Is our concern truly for him or is our real concern our bank account being drained away; “leaches” sucking our money and resources dry. Could it be that our biases, preconceptions, and stereotypes are causing us to be prejudicial to those in need? And what is it that we really believe about the homeless? Are they in our minds 2nd or 3rd rate citizens? Do they have less rights than us? Are we like the priest and the levite in Luke10 that totally ignored and avoided the man that had been , robbed,stripped, beaten, and left for dead or, are we like the Samaritan that helped him with his wounds, bandaged them, got him up on his animal, got him to an Inn and took care of him? What really is our heart towards the poor? Do we truly love them or are we just going through the motions; playing the role of one that cares when really we couldn’t be bothered otherwise?

I think, more often than not, it’s the latter. We all tend to do it. We talk the talk real good but we don’t walk the walk. We are so convincing that we even sell ourselves the lies that we are doing a good job in caring for the poor when in reality it’s all a sham, a big production done to make ourselves look good in front of others. We are experts at lying to ourselves and others; so much so, that we could sell snow to Eskimos (Inuit First Nations People). Oh sure there are lots of scammers out there, and many more that will take money misuse it without even a blink of an eye as to the sacrifice behind the gift. But are all like that?No of course not. There are many different types of people with a spectrum of needs. surely there is something we can do? Are we that Jaded that we throw out the baby with the bath water and not give at all to those in need?  What position does that put us in light of the passage in Matt 25:31-46? Certainly I am not saying that we must foolishly give to all that ask without using discretion, and certainly there are those that are unable to give at all. We know that we have to choose wisely how we help so we don’t enable them But, we must seriously ask ourselves, whether we (myself included) are truly serious about showing the love of God to the homeless. We must ask ourselves is there not something we can do? Can we not buy them a meal at McDonald’s and use it to show the love of God. Is there no one that has a place in their heart and an extra room to take someone in that is on their way to recovery; giving them a hands up? Perhaps there are those that can just sit with them, listen, find out their story and really show you care.  Is there not someone that is willing to start a support group for the homeless where they can discuss the issues and have the opportunity to hear how Christ can meet their needs?  Is there not someone to love on them with all their heart and strength, and could be a light in a dark and perverted world? Is there not a Follower of Christ who truly cares enough to sacrifice their dignity and pride and spend time with them? Can we not be real, get past our hangups and start treating them like they truly are; People whom God loves and made in His image.  Is there not a way that we can convey to them that we are good friends with their maker and we want to re-introduce them to their maker, help them understand their instruction book, the Bible, and help them to understand their purpose, and know that they have value, worth, dignity, hope and more because of who their maker is and what he did for us?  Is there…..?


Homeless man sleeping on the street.


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