Welcome to the CMI Blog

This blog is an attempt to try and expound the ideas concepts and thoughts of CMI Ministries and it’s founder Paul Belcher. It goes without saying that this ministry wants to reflect the truths of God’s word and to be able to challenge, equip, encourage, teach, and facilitate Christian growth among followers of Jesus Christ and relationships with God for those who don’t yet know Him. It likely goes without saying that there will be something in this blog that someone will disagree with and that’s fine. you are allowed to be wrong. I joke of course. There are many varying opinions out there and there will be those that do not agree with me. You are allowed to disagree with me.  I do ask a few  things from those that are commenting.  

  1. This is my blog, and regardless of whether you agree or disagree you are to respect me and this sight. Any spamming, swearing, vulgarities, offensive pictures, name calling, trolling, or anything else that is offensive to me, you will be immediately and without warning blocked and not ever allowed to comment on this site again. I Don’t have to justify it, and I don’t have to put up with it.  I am a no-nonsense type of guy and will act swiftly.
  2. I love debates as good as the next guy, and i love to discuss what it is people believe and why they believe it.  If you are wanting to debate an issue I am more than happy to do that. I do ask however that ALL posts written are thoughtful, well written out and have a logical premise and reasoning. ie., coming back with “you’re an idiot” has neither a logical premise or any reasoning. It certainly does not allow the other person to respond with any rebuttal and only leads the conversation into a downward spiral of verbal assaults. So please try and keep this blog limited to factual, non-circular reasoning, and arguments that can be debated with some form of intelligence.
  3. Please keep all blogs responses relatively short out of respect for me and my time (or rather lack thereof)
  4. Finally, realize that I have the right to stop, remove, and end discussions If I see that it is getting nowhere, or for any other reason.

Other than that I hope you enjoy the blogs and I encourage you to respond often and let me know what you think.