Thank you for checking out our blog pages.

We are so happy that you decided to check out our blog pages and hoping that you will follow us and keep in contact with us. Here are a few ways that you can contact us

  1. contact us via email. this is probably the quickest and easiest way to get cropped-dsc_00115.jpginformation to us. we can be contacted at this email
  2. contact us via messenger. Sign into messenger and look for Paul Belcher. You should recognize me by my picture of my family there.
  3. Contact me via Facebook.  Here there are two ways to reach me.
    1. paulbelcher1 – again you will see this picture of my family up top
    2. Go to Facebook pages and find the following Comec Ministries International.  On both Facebook pages you can contact me publicly or leave a message on messenger as a private message, Private messages preferred.
    3. contact me via messages. leave a message for me in messages rather than messages
    4. Contact me via mail. You can reach me via mail at the following address. 9102 92A St. Fort St. John, BC Canada V1J4M2
    5. Via Phone. Although we do not have a landline you are free to contact us via our cell phone. Our Country Code is 01. (250)329-8131