Up Up and Away

airbusI consider myself to be a fairly seasoned traveler. I’ve traveled large swaths of Canada, parts of America have been to Brazil twice the Philippines four times and Uganda once back in 2010. In my travels I have, courtesy of the airlines visited both Peru and Argentina for a day each, and have through my travels come to know the Manila, Clarke, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Seoul, Vancouver, Edmonton, Entebbe, Peru, Argentina, Sao Paulo, Toronto, Seattle, Los Angeles, Mexican, Amsterdam, and Fort St. John Airports. (I probably missed a few). So with all my travel experience and being a “seasoned traveler” especially to my other home in the Philippines, you would think that I would have everything conquered. Well …. Not quite. Despite having been here approx 3.5 years  + and off, I’m finding that one’s body does not ever totally adjust to things like the hot temperatures or vast changes in diets. It doesn’t matter how many times one has been to the Philippines and other places and experienced real hot temperatures, it still feels hot and one still needs to take 2-3 showers daily minimum to keep cool, let alone to keep the people around from passing out due to the intense smell emitting off one’s sweat-soaked body. Though It is getting easier to adjust to the change of diet, occasionally the body will send a volcanic signal letting you know that your body is not adapting to certain foods or drinks and that the mount Pinatubo aka(also known as) your body will erupt at any second. Adapting to the cultural differences while it can be fun, can also be challenging as the very basics like showering, toileting, washing dishes, eating, dealing with garbage and other things are all different from North American culture. Some of them daunting, others not so much but all of it takes a lot of flexibility, an understanding of the culture, (As backwards as it may seem to be at times) and a willingness to learn and do things without fully understanding or agreeing with the cultural practices of that area.

I will end the blog with this thought. Despite finding so many cultural differences that bend and twist the brain into odd ways of thinking and doing, there are other things that I find are better than in North America. That will have to be for a later blog. take care always.